SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

There is more than enough freshwater on the surface of the globe to fulfill everybody’s needs, and advances over more than 150 years have given us the understanding we need to protect health with sanitation. 

Despite this, hSN SDG logo © Springer Nature 2019umanity is still failing to provide access to clean water for millions of people, and access to even the most basic sanitation to billions. In response to these startling statistics the ultimate goal of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 is to ‘Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’. Research plays an imperative role in finding solutions to the issues above, and here we are proud to showcase some of the most pioneering works which aim to do just that.

Topics in Spotlight

We have gathered research insights on four diverse topics and invite you to read selected articles and book chapters. 

Celebrating World Water Day 2023

World Water Day this year marks the midpoint of the International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development 2018–2028. The UN Water conference offers the world an opportunity to review progress, accelerate long-needed action, and advance on water-related goals and targets. Access perspectives and comments, which are shared by leading scientits to mark this special day. 

44221Nature Water was launched in January this year. Browse the collection of articles and opinion papers and learn more about the new journal. "Nature Water aims to be a venue for all research on the evolving relationship between water resources and society."  See Editorial

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Several new webinars celebrating World Water Day and the journal's launch have been happening.

Nature Water Talks: waiting for the UN Water Conference

Celebrating the launch of Nature Water - Part 1: Focus on water treatment systems

Celebrating the launch of Nature Water - Part 2: Focus on water investments and affordability

Celebrating the launch of Nature Water - Part 3: Focus on social sciences and open science

Celebrating the launch of Nature Water - Part 4: Focus on groundwater

Nature Water Talks are online events organized by the Nature Water journal editors. The webinars are designed to engage a wide community across the globe by inviting experts to discuss challenges and opportunities in water-related issues. Join us.

Journal Topical Collections

Topical Collections now open for submission

Water Sustainability in Africa: Frontiers, Perspectives and Challenges (Discover Water

New Challenges and Solutions in Sustainable Water Management (Discover Sustainability)

Hydrogeoethics for Water Resources Management: Groundwater - Geoethics - Sustainable Society Nexus (Sustainable Water Resources Management)

Ongoing Topical Collections - read papers and contribute yours

Groundwater Management: Sustainability, Environment and Hydrogeoethics (SN Applied Sciences)

Medieval Waters (Water History)

Mountain Hydrological Systems: Climate Change, Sustainability, Social Impacts Nexus (Discover Water)

Special Issue: Sustainable Drainage Systems (Environmental Processes)

Water and carbon cycles in a changing climate (Carbon Balance and Management)

Recently published Topical Collections

Research in support of the UN 2023 Water Conference (Nature Water)

Advanced Micro/Nano-Scale Porous Materials for Novel Applications Answering to the Future Needs (Transport in Porous Media)

Interfacial Phenomena in Multiphase Systems at the Pore Scale (Transport in Porous Media)

Mixing in Porous Media (Transport in Porous Media)

Hydrogeoethics for Water Resources Management: Groundwater - Geoethics - Sustainable Society Nexus (Sustainable Water Resources Management)

Advancements in hydrogeological knowledge of Haiti for recovery and development (Hydrogeology Journal)

International Year of Groundwater (Hydrogeology Journal​​​​​​​)

Progress in fractured-rock hydrogeology (Hydrogeology Journal​​​​​​​)

Wetland Hydrology and Geomorphology (Wetlands)

Trends, perspectives and prospects of sensor technologies in hydrological sciences (Acta Geophyisca​​​​​​​)

Experimental Methods and Instrumentation in Hydraulics (Acta Geophyisca​​​​​​​)

Book Launch Event @ UNESCO

Coordinated Management of Water, Energy, and Food Resources Key to Overcoming Climate Change Impacts in Asia and the Pacific

A trio of UN-led books use scientific evidence to identify actions by subregion

A series of three interconnected books claims that the current, sector-by-sector approaches for management of water, energy, and food sectors is inefficient, costly, and inadequate. The world’s leading experts in the region, who contributed the content of these books, claim that a new and integrated approach must be adopted for this “Nexus” of water, energy, and food security. 

About the books:

The Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus in Asia and the Pacific - East and Southeast Asia Edited by: Eunhee Lee, Benno Böer, Lawrence Surendra, Jong Ahn Chun, Makoto Taniguchi

The Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus in Asia and the Pacific - Central and South Asia Edited by: Zafar Adeel and Benno Böer

The Water, Energy, and Food Security Nexus in Asia and the Pacific - The Pacific Edited by: Andrew Dansie, Heidi Alleway, Benno Böer

Book Launch Event:

9:00 am – 12:30 pm, 27 March 2023 @ UNESCO New Delhi Office

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The Series is organized into eighteen subseries: one subseries based around each of the seventeen respective Sustainable Development Goals, and an eighteenth subseries, “Connecting the Goals,” which serves as a home for volumes addressing multiple goals or studying the SDGs as a whole. Each subseries is guided by an expert Subseries Advisor with years or decades of experience studying and addressing core components of their respective Goal.

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Water governance is a fast growing field of scholarly expertise which has largely developed in recent decades. This book series, Water Governance - Concepts, Methods, and Practice, aims at providing a platform for developing an integrated perspective on major advances in the field of water governance.

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