Springer Nature's next-generation peer review system

Springer Nature’s mission is to make publishing research a simple and rewarding experience. That’s why we introduced Snapp, the Springer Nature Article Processing Platform, to enable research to be published as efficiently as possible.

We created Snapp to be intuitive and simple to use, and it’s designed to better meet the needs of the research community - our authors, editors, and reviewers.

Snapp is built in-house by Springer Nature, so it continuously evolves to respond to researcher needs. We’re also using user feedback to guide its development and release regular updates and new features - visit the What’s new pages to find out more.

Snapp’s journey so far

See Snapp’s journey to date, including the key milestone of reaching 1 million submissions, and hear from the community on the benefits it has delivered so far.

1 million submissions
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Meet the teams behind Snapp

Hear from some of the people guiding editors through the move to Snapp, with insights on how Snapp makes publishing a simple and rewarding experience, and advice for those new to the system.

Meet Sass Allard, Change Engagement Lead, and Andy Needham, Head of Onboarding

Meet Tim Stevenson, Senior Product Manager

Meet Annje Solomon, JEO Implementation Specialist

For authors

  • Easy uploading of your manuscript in different formats
  • Time-saving extraction of data from your manuscript to pre-fill forms
  • Keep track of progress across all your submissions

For editors

  • Dashboard giving you an overview of submission progress
  • Integrated reviewer finder making it easier to engage peer reviewers
  • Automated reminders to keep work on track

For reviewers

  • Step-by-step guidance and notifications of important tasks
  • Calendar integration to keep track of due dates
  • Be recognised for your contributions through Publons