Book author satisfaction

"My default choice for future works."

89% of Springer Nature book authors or editors rated their overall experience with the publication process as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

Below, you can find more details and see what we’re doing to further improve. Get an impression of what to expect if you’re considering editing or writing a book yourself. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all participating authors and editors for giving us their honest feedback! It helps us in recognize areas with room for improvement and provide the best service possible to you—our author community.


  • More than 2800 authors from 99 countries,

    publishing in 33 disciplines

Book proposal and submission

When an author has an idea for a book, the first step is to prepare a proposal of what they want to write and why people would want to read it. Your Publishing Editor will help you with this process as well as the next step, which is to submit the manuscript online using our Book Manuscript Submission Portal. See how our authors rated this process:


Percentage of authors who agreed or strongly agreed*

Discussions with staff at the proposal stage were constructive


The process of having my book evaluated was easy and straightforward


I felt supported in completing the submission of my manuscript


What are we doing to improve?

Easy online Book Proposal Form

Now you can send us your book proposal in just one easy step. The online Book Proposal Form will be provided to you by your editor, and allows you to present all the key information on your book in one place, and in just one step. This helps us get your book to the following stages as quickly as possible.

“The timing was excellent, a really fast publication. The editorial part had handled the relations with the referees in a very professional and constructive way, this helped us improve considerably our work.”



Once all the manuscript files have been received, they are handed over to our Production team. They work with vendors in order to make the book available in print and electronic formats. We asked our authors to rate their experience at the production stage; this is what they had to say:


Percentage of authors who rated the service as excellent or good*

Quality of copy editing


Execution of corrections


Physical quality of the book


What are we doing to improve? 

Quality is important to us and we are continuously working to provide the best copy editing possible. Together with our service partners we have found ways to suitably copy edit book manuscripts and avoid over-editing them.

“Palgrave has an excellent reputation and the quality of the book production was superb.”


“I have had excellent experience publishing with Springer during the last 10 years.”



Your feedback helps motivate us! We understand that transparent communication, fast communication channels and receiving the most relevant information are priorities for you.


Percentage of authors who agreed or strongly agreed*

Communication with editorial staff


Communication with typesetters


Quality of reviewer feedback


What are we doing to improve? 


By regularly sharing the detailed survey results with all relevant publishing divisions and service providers, we’re helping ensure that any areas for potential improvement will be identified. 

We aim to provide a level of communication that meets our high standards throughout every discipline and every step in the publishing process.

“I had an excellent experience working with Springer to publish this book. Everyone who I communicated with was extremely friendly, helpful, and professional.”


“The staff really helped us stage by stage and this enabled us to complete the required work within the timeframe set.” 


“All aspects of the publishing experience were seamless.”


We are proud that the overall author satisfaction remained high and stable. Your valuable comments and suggestions are our daily motivation. Thank you!

Did you know?

Publishing with Springer Nature means your book will be widely accessible in multiple formats: as an eBook, printed book, MyCopy edition (e.g. for students), and on SpringerLink as part of our eBook Collections. 

Our marketing and distribution strategy is designed to present your book to the right readers, whenever and wherever they look for it – immediately, on any device, and anywhere in the world. Learn more about how we disseminate your books. 

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* All areas we cover in the satisfaction survey are rated on a 5-point scale: poor (1), below average (2), average (3), good (4), excellent (5) or strongly disagree (1), disagree (2), neutral (3), agree (4), strongly agree (5). The survey was completed by 2,228 book authors/editors in 2019.