Promoting your book

What happens after the book has been published?

To reach the greatest number and widest range of readers, Springer Nature applies an effective mix of marketing and promotion for your book.

  • Upon publication, your book automatically gets a promotional homepage. Authors are supported on how to communicate their published book to peers and the broader community.
  • Interested in the impact of your book? The Book Performance Data, available on SpringerLink shows the book’s usage, citations and metric scores.

What are your author benefits?

Book editors and authors are entitled to receive a complimentary eBook. Shortly after your book's publication, you will receive an email with a link that allows you to download your personal free copy of your eBook from SpringerLink. 

As an author or editor you are entitled to receive a special discount on book orders, for both eBook and print books. 

If you have a question on being an author or editor, contact our support team.

Promote your book as much as possible

What if your colleagues or students could find and access your books or chapters, immediately, on any device, anywhere in the world? 

That's Springer Nature's vision for your publication, and it's one of the benefits you get as a Springer Nature book/chapter author or editor. 

  • Dedicated marketing, library sales and support teams have developed a variety of eBook licensing options and closely collaborate with customers worldwide to make sure academic and corporate libraries can offer their users the best possible service. 
  • Trade sales colleagues work closely with booksellers to help further distribute your book to individual readers. 
  • These individual customers will easily find your book whenever they need it through search engines—our pages are continually optimized for Google, Bing, Google Scholar and other search tools. 
  • Numerous well-targeted email alerts inform readers about books and related products in their selected disciplines. For example, we have initiatives in advance of conferences, in connection with open access events, related to sustainable development goals, or special sales programs.

Any Springer Nature book. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our goal is for researchers and students to find and use the books we publish—when they're looking for them; when they need them. We break down barriers between your book and your readers by publishing in print, pdf, eBook and MyCopy format.

We recommend that you also share the good news with your community. Learn more about reaching your audience and making your book discoverable.

Transparent performance reporting

In order to see your eBook’s current performance, we recommend you visit your book’s home page on SpringerLink. There you will find chapter downloads, citations, and mentions in real time. You will receive your book’s page URL via email (upon publication) or can add your book’s ISBN to the SpringerLink URL

Social media

To effectively spread the news about your research, it will be important to become an active and trusted member of the online communities that may be influential in helping to promote your publications. 

Springer Nature maintains many social media accounts that are subject-specific and interest group focused, allowing us to connect with new and existing audiences. To keep them informed and engaged, we promote conferences and run special campaigns both on a discipline and product level, e.g. book raffles, photo contests and product/content highlights, often in connection with a specific event or theme. We encourage you to use the social media buttons on our platforms and write posts directly on your professional and private social media accounts to share your publications with your peers and colleagues and thus maximizing the visibility of your scientific research.

Spread the word about your book through social media

  • Connect with like-minded people and communities
  • Promote yourself, your organization, your books, chapters or articles
  • Shape your reputation
  • Allow for wider discovery of your content (by search engines such as Google) with personal websites, social media, forums and blogs
  • When mentioning your book on social media, be sure to include the book's title and either its ISBN, its DOI or a link to your book on our content platform


Springer Nature attends significant industry exhibitions and (virtual) conferences each year, presenting books and journals in print and online formats, along with other tools and services for readers and authors. Although we may display a selection of recent books, we promote even more books in our conference-specific catalogs and on dedicated websites, offering special discounts for conference participants.

Conferences are often promoted and supported by social media activities using our various accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other communities.

Book reviews

If someone has shown interest in reviewing your book or you have questions about the process, get in touch with our support team.

How does Springer Nature sell our books?

Book distribution

You can be confident that we will do our best to ensure that your book reaches the largest and most diverse range of readers possible. Your readers, in turn, have the freedom to choose the medium which they would like to read your publication. We provide eBooks in a variety of formats including PDF, HTML and as an ePub file. Files for each eBook version can be quickly disseminated to our distribution partners in the format that they have specified.

Current range of distribution channels:

SpringerLink – with millions of downloads per year.

Amazon – our close business relationship with Amazon provides a valuable, direct route to market our authors and editors and ensures that almost all books can be made available via the Amazon Kindle.

eBook reading devices – Our eBooks can be accessed and read on a number of eReaders and platforms including Sony Reader™, Apple iPad® and Barnes and Noble’s Nook® platform to name but a few.

Google Books – Thousands of our books have been included in Google Books. New publications are added as soon as the files are ready. Google Books allows users to browse a part of the book content prior to making a decision to purchase.

Trade and e-retail sales team

Our team of both in-house and commission sales reps supports our trade customers in different channels (Library, Retail, Trade, Textbooks) by curating and presenting selections from our market-leading books portfolio across imprints and formats (print & eBooks) so that they may in turn meet the needs of their customers (B2B or B2C).

Here's a quick overview of our efforts to sell your book to third party book channels:

  • Onix metadata distributed to market enabling sales through partner sites
  • Title info available on Bookseller portal including title sheets and catalog export
  • Industry catalog tools utilized to reach booksellers - Edelweiss and VLB-TIX
  • New title lists shared with key distribution accounts and subject lists prepared  
  • Backorders and sales performance monitored
  • Curated presentations and materials to suit specialization
  • Top sellers called out in newsletters and other applicable materials and presentations
  • Searches run to compile timely and newsworthy content 
  • Promotions shared with all customers via Bookseller tool and directly by sales team
  • Internal announcements and marketing efforts shared 
  • Share insights into SDGs, OA, and other key company initiatives

How to report piracy

If you suspect piracy or unauthorised copying of distribution of a Springer Nature publication, fill out a piracy reporting form.

The details will be sent to the Springer Nature anti-piracy team. We will only contact you if we have further questions. By submitting this information you agree that Springer Nature can collect and use your personal data as detailed in the privacy policy. We may contact you to discuss the suspected case of piracy you're reporting but will not share your personal data with third party partners.