Producing your book

You've submitted your manuscript, now what?

Once your draft manuscript is complete and approved by your editor, you will be guided through formatting and type-setting to turn your words into a book, which is then available in 3 formats: eBook, Print Book and MyCopy

What happens during the typesetting process?

  • You will receive an email from your production contact, who will oversee the production of your book's text from manuscript to final print and online files. 
  • For proofreading, an online version of the structured manuscript along with a list of any author queries that need to be addressed will be sent to you via our e.Proofing tool. The simple presentation of this html version is designed to let you easily correct the content. You can make corrections directly in the text and add any comments using your own internet browser (e.g., Chrome). A PDF version showing the preliminary print layout will also be available for reference.
  • The production team understands that you might not be available during the designated time of corrections (automatically set at 10 days), please let your contact person know your schedule and we’ll adjust it. 

What is e.Proofing?

e.Proofing is an efficient way to correct your chapter or book proofs, helping to expedite the proofing process and minimize correction-related errors.

  • e.Proofing provides you with an online, interactive proof that you can edit directly from all major browsers and on mobile devices. Once you have corrected any text, tables, equations or figure captions, you simply send them back to our production department with a single click.
  • The system makes it easy to answer queries and annotate your images with corrections if necessary.
  • All corrections are highlighted and linked to the text in a review pane, enabling you to quickly and easily move from one correction to the next, displaying the changes as you type.
  • At any point during proofing, you can save your session and return later to finish your revisions.
  • You can also download a preliminary PDF version for your reference, a feature our authors greatly enjoy.
  • After you have submitted your proof, our production managers will review your corrections to make sure they are in accordance with Springer Nature's style guides and do not alter your work’s content.

How the manuscript will be styled

Book structure – The book structure can contain the following main elements and will be divided into front matter, parts (if applicable), chapters, and back matter (including appendices if they exist) and is attached as a document file to this email. Please note that only the chapters will have individual DOIs with which they can be cited. The other elements will be freely accessible in the online version. 

Reference style – The references in your book adhere closely to the specific style for each series or each discipline (e.g. MathPhysSci) which is one of the recommended styles used by Springer Nature. Your production editor will edit the references in your manuscript to match this style.

Get more information about structure and style in our manuscript guidelines.


Your book is published. Springer Nature recommends that you also share the good news with your community. You will be informed by email, and customers can purchase your book in electronic and print format or access it directly on SpringerLink. 

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