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Taking the hassle out of resubmitting

No one likes manuscript rejections. You don’t like it when Editors reject your manuscript; and Editors don’t like doing it. And perhaps one of the most time-consuming parts of rejections is the problem of finding another suitable journal and submitting your manuscript again.

But what if you didn’t have to go through that process again? What if you might not even have to wait for new rounds of reviewer reports, either?

Sometimes Editors have to reject sound manuscripts for reasons other than the research’s quality; for example, the manuscript may not fit well with the journal’s aims and scope. Our Transfer Desk service recognizes your manuscript’s scholarly merit, and helps in finding its best home, while reducing time and trouble for you.

And, you always have the final say over where your manuscript gets submitted and published.

Interview with Louisa Flintoft, Editorial Director

Interview with Louisa Flintoft, Editorial Director

This is what it is:

What is the Transfer Desk?

The Transfer Desk is our manuscript transfer service, which provides you with a convenient way of resubmitting your manuscript to a more suitable journal. Finding the right journal can be difficult and sometimes sound manuscripts are rejected because they don’t precisely match a journal’s aims and scope. 

In these cases, our Editors-in-Chief now have the option of suggesting a transfer to help you find the most suitable journal, recognizing the scientific merit of your manuscript and ensuring it can be submitted elsewhere without delay.

How can you benefit from the Transfer Desk?

If you choose to accept a transfer offer, your manuscript files including manuscript history and any available review reports (provided the reviewer(s) granted permission for this) as well as personal details will automatically be sent to our Transfer Desk. 

There is no re-submission or reformatting needed, saving you valuable time and effort. Our Transfer Desk team will then combine your preferences and any editor recommendations with our advanced journal matching technology to find the best “home” for your work.

This is how it works:

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Transfer offer

You accept the offer to forward your manuscript to the Transfer Desk, using the link provided in the decision email from the previous journal.

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Propose suitable journals

An Editorial Advisor—an experienced researcher familiar with your field—analyzes your manuscript and proposes one or more suitable journals. You then choose the journal you want. You can also suggest additional journal titles as well. If we need any additional information our team will contact you directly before we send you the journal title(s).

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Your decision

You let us know the journal you would like to submit your manuscript to.

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Submission assistance

The Transfer Desk will assist you with the submission to the journal-of-choice.

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Submission instructions

The journal will contact you and send you instructions on how to finalize your submission. You will have the opportunity to revise the manuscript when you are finalizing your submission.


Please note that assistance with a submission to another journal does not guarantee acceptance. The Transfer Desk only helps authors to submit their work to another journal in an easy and convenient way.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Transfer Desk work?

Please note that assistance with a submission to another journal does not guarantee acceptance. The Transfer Desk only helps authors to submit their work to another journal in an easy and convenient way. Please note that receiving a transferred submission does not obligate you to either accept or review the submission.

How do I follow up on a transfer offer?

You can process the transferred submission as you would any other submission, with the additional benefit that in some cases the transferring journal may make reviewer reports available to you. If so, you may consider those reports; ignore those reports; or use them in conjunction with your own reviewer reports.  

Will you recommend open access journals that require the payment of an article-processing charge (APC)?

The Transfer Desk team may consider open access journals as well as subscription journals when selecting and suggesting suitable destination journals. Most journals offer open access publication, either as an option (hybrid-OA) or as a full-OA journal. If you have a preference for subscription, full-OA, or hybrid-OA please let us know upon submission. 

To help authors discover and apply for funding for OA article-processing charges, we offer a free open access funding support service, providing lists of APC funding options and personalized email support. In addition to this free service, we have an APC waiver policy across our fully open access journals for authors that do not have access to sufficient funding. You can find more details here.

“The service was quick, so it saved me time of looking for good relevant and good quality journal and manually resubmitting my paper. I would like to thank you very much for this new service and I really hope that you'll keep it.”

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