Author tutorials

Concise introductions to the publishing process

Helping you put your research in the best form; helping you find it’s best home

These free tutorials—featuring interactive quizzes with great advice and detailed learning materials—will help you to: write, submit, and publish your manuscript. 

After all, the main way that others learn about your work is through your published articles. If you don’t publish, other researchers can’t build on your work; it will be as if you never did the research.

Here you will find self-led tutorials that show you the best ways to:

  • Write in English
  • Write and structure a manuscript
  • Select the best journal for your manuscript and submit to it

And we are continuing to develop new tutorials—we will add them here as we publish them.

Our tutorials

We hope that tutorials featured here will help you understand the publishing process. Good luck with publishing your work. Springer Nature does, however, offer further services to help you write and publish your research. These include: 

  • Nature Research Editing Service offers high quality  English language and scientific editing. During language editing, Editors will improve the English in your manuscript to ensure the meaning is clear and identify problems that require your review. With Scientific Editing experienced development editors will improve the scientific presentation of your research in your manuscript and cover letter, if supplied. They will also provide you with a report containing feedback on the most important issues identified during the edit, as well as journal recommendations.
  • Our affiliates American Journal Experts also provide English language editing* as well as other author services that may support you in preparing your manuscript.
  • We provide both online and face-to-face training for researchers on all aspects of the manuscript writing process.

* Please note, using an editing service is neither a requirement nor a guarantee of acceptance for publication. These services charge additional fees.