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Share your preprint and track your manuscript’s review progress with our In Review service

Our commitment to early sharing and transparency in peer review inspires us to think about how to help our authors in new ways. So, in October 2018, we added a new option for you when you submit to select Springer Nature journals. This first-of-its-kind option, called In Review, brought to you by our partners at Research Square, makes it easy to share a preprint of your manuscript on the Research Square platform and gives you real time updates on your manuscript’s progress through peer review. In Review clearly links your manuscript to the journal reviewing it, while it’s in review. 

How can you participate?

It's simple! Just select the In Review option when you submit your next article to one of the participating journals. (But be sure all your coauthors agree to opt-in, too.) And here is a list of journals currently on In Review

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Brought to you by Research Square

With In Review you can:

  • Share your work early with funders and others as a preprint on Research Square in a citeable way while it is under review, and engage the wider community in discussion to help make your article even better including through the open annotation tool. And social sharing of your preprint is easy—every article page has social media buttons at the top
  • Track the status of your manuscript, including when reviews have been received (see below for details)
  • Benefit from early sharing, such as more collaboration opportunities and earlier citations

Your peers will be able to:

  • Comment on/see emerging science in full HTML—in both phone and desktop-friendly sizes
  • Find new discoveries with fully-indexed search
  • Gain insight into the peer review pipeline at participating journals

What can you expect if you opt in?

The editorial and peer review process will continue through the peer review systems as usual. You can use In Review to access up-to-date information on where your article is in the peer review process. 

The system will also immediately post a preprint of your manuscript to the In Review section of Research Square, in easy-to-read HTML, and with a citeable DOI. There, it will become a permanent part of the scholarly record—that means that your manuscript will permanently remain publicly available, regardless of whether the journal you submitted it to accepts it or not. (The FAQ has more details about the mechanics of how this works.)

How your article will look on In Review © CC-BY 4.0

You can see an example in the article above.  

What happens when you opt in to In Review?

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Springer Open

  • Authors’ original submitted version and all versions are released in real time as peer review progresses
  • Public peer review timeline
  • Authors will be able to track peer review on their private author dashboard


(Including Nature Communications)

  • Authors’ original submitted version
  • Authors will be able to track peer review on their private author dashboard
  • Learn more


Palgrave Macmillan

  • Coming soon

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