Research Data Support service

We are currently developing the ways in which we support researchers with open data services and solutions. 

While we do this, we are currently not accepting any new submissions to Research Data Support through this service from individual Springer Nature authors. 

We will continue to honour our agreements with Wellcome and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (USA) during this time. So if you are a researcher with an active grant from Wellcome, or affiliated with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University you can continue to submit to Research Data Support via this form. For Wellcome, you will need a valid grant number, fellowship or affiliation with a Wellcome-funded program or research centre.  For Embry-Riddle, your institution will provide you with a Research Data Support Credit to use the service. 

If you would like advice on how and where to share your research data please visit our Research Data Help desk. You can also find lots of practical advice on our recommended repositories and research data policy pages, and on our research data community.

Springer Nature remains committed to supporting good data practice and solutions as we navigate the sustainable path to reusable, accessible, shareable, open science together. We will be updating this page with further information in due course. You are welcome to contact the research data team with questions at We thank you for your patience as we develop this service and our support for the research community.