Amplifying Women in Science

Honoring women in science today, and every day.

Women scientists are leading ground-breaking research across the world. But despite their remarkable discoveries, women still represent just 33.3 %* of researchers globally, and their work rarely gains the same level of recognition as their male counter-parts. Read about the publishing initiatives that can help empower more women scientists to achieve scientific excellence and amplify their contribution in solving the greatest challenges facing humanity.

*UNESCO Science Report: towards 2030 (2021)

Amplifying the voices of women in science through publishing

Female research pioneers who changed the world

Women have made significant impacts on our world with their pioneering research discoveries, theories and innovations. These steadfast women made the decision to pursue their scientific and research passions even when presented with enormous gender discrimination, doubters, disbelievers, and naysayers. Their mark in history is significant and the impact of their pioneering research continues to teach and inspire students, researchers, explorers, innovators and individuals seeking to further improve the world today. Explore the research they continue to inspire across the our book and journal portfolio.