Resources for Libraries to support modern teaching and learning

The rapid increase in online, distant learning

In recent years, areas of the world have seen a gradual shift to online, distant courses being offering at colleges and universities. The COVID-19 pandemic not only accelerated this for schools and faculty, but the pandemic forced most of the world into a fully distant, online virtual world. 

Below, we have pulled together a number of resources for librarians to explore topics such as: How are these rapid changes impacting and shaping modern teaching and learning environments? How have Libraries kept pace with these rapid changes? What role can librarians play a role in supporting faculty, teachers and administrators? How can libraries continue to reduce student costs through licensed textbooks, journals and other materials at the library?

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Benefits of using Springer Nature eBooks as Course Materials

  • Reduce student costs: encourage faculty to choose licensed eBooks when course planning.
  • Rich mix of book types: find book series, monographs, handbooks, MRWs and more, making it a complete resource for teaching and learning.
  • No limits: our eBooks are Digital Rights Management (DRM) free which means no limits on the number of simultaneous users, downloads and sharing within in a license agreement, including freedom for faculty to embed links into their course packets for students.
  • Boost books value: When faculty choose licensed eTextbooks and eBooks when course planning, it increases usage and ROI of licensed eBooks.
  • Affordable print books: Users can buy printed MyCopy Springer Nature eBooks for just 39.99 (service available in 30+ countries and growing)
  • Access eBooks anywhere, anytime: All of our STM and HSS eBooks are available anytime from any smart electronic device. 
  • Discovery: We offer free MARC records for library systems and our enriched metadata ensures users can find eBooks from a wide source of searches. 

Resources to reduce student costs

Resources to support teaching, learning and researching