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Introduction to open access books: An author's experience

This virtual event gave an introduction to open access (OA) books before our guest speaker, Prof. Fernando M. Reimers, shared his experiences of publishing several OA books. Afterwards, we opened up participation for an audience Q&A session where attendees asked Prof. Reimers and OA expert Peter Suber all about OA books. 

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Wednesday 14 April 10-11am EST | 3-4pm BST | 4-5pm CEST

  1. Introduction to OA books - Christina Emery
  2. An author's experience of publishing OA books: challenges, benefits, finding funding, research impact - Prof. Reimers
  3. Audience Q&A - Prof. Reimers & Peter Suber, chaired by Christina Emery


FR profile picProf. Fernando M. Reimers 

Ford Foundation Professor of Practice in International Education, Faculty Director, International Education Policy, Harvard University

PS profile picPeter Suber

Director, Office for Scholarly Communication, Widener Library, Harvard University

CE profile picChristina Emery

Senior Marketing Manager, Open Access Books, Springer Nature

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Video timings

00:00 Welcome and introductions

06:10 Introduction to open access books (Christina Emery)

17:15 Open access and the relationship between research, policy and practice in education (Prof. Fernando M. Reimers)

33:35 Audience Q&A (Prof. Reimers & Peter Suber)

Introduction to OA books: An author's experience

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