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The top 100 FTSE biotech companies rely on the latest research to develop life-saving therapies, improve existing medicine and find treatments against life-threatening diseases worldwide. Researchers have a need for seamless access to the most complete and up-to-date global drug research in order to deliver strong, commercial research initiatives in order to stay ahead of competition and to advance global health.

Springer Nature can help by providing solutions to support the latest research to the biotech industry with a portfolio of Springer Nature journals, eBook collections and databases. Content can be tailored to your needs, saving time by giving your team access to only specific content they need, accessible from a number of devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones at a time that suits their schedule.

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Research highlights

Role of AI and Robotics in Biotech

Artificial Intelligence has long entered our workplace and home. It is used in robotics, where collaborative robots deliver parts and perform repetitive or tasks. In our homes, smart devices such as Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, Google Assistant or Apple’s ‘Siri’ are becoming a staple and help us to easily access day to day information such as the news, weather forecast, train times or even compile shopping lists!

But AI cannot only make our personal lives easier, it is also influencing fields like medicine and the pharma sector. One of the most important applications for AI is in its ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data. In the biotech industry AI is used to collect data in real-time to improve patient outcome as well as analyzing large amounts of patient data to develop personalized treatment options. Further fields of applications are thought to be tools for early diagnostics of diseases as well as for improving patient care for chronic conditions.

Drug Discovery

There are many challenges, trends and content needs for every stage of the drug and disease discovery lifecycle. Download the white paper, to read case studies exploring how researchers are tackling major challenges in drug development, and how new and updated approaches are changing their workflows.

The infographic demonstrates how scientists use the latest research science in this complex process. 

Additional resources

Adis Insight

A database for drug research and development, disease treatment and decision making.

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Springer Nature Experiments

Find out more about the new research solution for protocols and methods.

The Springer Nature Experiments research solution explained


Providing indexed and structured information on nanomaterials and nanodevices.

Preview of Nano

Text and Data Mining

Text and Data Mining at Springer Nature

A webinar on TDM

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