China New Development Awards

2021 List of Winners

Please join us to celebrate the 10 winning titles of the 2021 Springer Nature: China New Development Awards. The winning titles cover a wide range of scientific and scholarly disciplines, including topics such as education policy, water quality research, process engineering, rural restructuring, wind power sustainability, tuberculosis control, Sino-US trade war research, as well as the most up-to-date research on the global dimensions of China’s economic rise. Three of the ten winners share their videos below that highlight their publishing experience with Springer Nature.

At the Awards ceremony held on September 14 in Beijing, Professor Yansui Liu, Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Director General of Key Laboratory of Regional Sustainable Development Modeling, Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), delivered an in-person keynote speech highlighting China’s high-quality scientific and scholarly contributions to the research realm of sustainable development. The Managing Director for Books, as well as President for Greater China of Springer Nature, Dr. Niels Peter Thomas, and the Vice President of Mathematics, Physical & Applied Sciences Journals, former President for Greater China of Springer Nature, Mr. Arnout Jacobs, were featured in online speeches.

From our Invited Speakers & a selection of Winning Authors

Niels Peter Thomas

Arnout Jacobs

Yansui Liu

Tom Popkewitz

Weiye Yu

Damien Ma

Free Chapters from Winning Books

Free to read our selected chapters until 30 Oct. 2021, while open access articles are available online on a permanent basis.

International Assessments of Student Performance: The Paradoxes of Benchmarks and Empirical Evidence for National Policy

from the Handbook of Education Policy Studies    

Authors: Guorui Fan, Thomas S. Popkewitz

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Locality Pattern Systems as Design Tools for Water-Related Open Spaces

from the Water-Related Urbanization and Locality

Authors: Fang Wang, Martin Prominski

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Introduction and Overview

from the An Introduction to Circular Economy

Authors: Lerwen Liu, Seeram Ramakrishna

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Extreme Precipitation Events, Floods, and Associated Socio-Economic Damages in China in Recent Decades

from the Impacts of Climate and Human Activities on Water Resources and Quality 

Authors: Weili Duan, Kaoru Takara

Understanding Land Use Transitions: A Theoretical Approach

from the Land Use Transitions and Rural Restructuring in China

Authors: Hualou Long

Innovation Fields for Sustainable Development of Wind Power

from the Strategies of Sustainable Development in China’s Wind Power Industry 

Authors: Jiachun Li, Dexin He

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

New Technologies for TB Control in Migrating Population

from the Tuberculosis Control in Migrating Population

Authors: Wei-ye Yu, Pu-Xuan Lu, Wei-guo Tan

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

The Status of China’s Market Economy and Structural Reforms: Essentials Behind the China-U.S. Trade War

from the China-US Trade War and Trade Talk

Authors: Miaojie Yu

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Key Issues of Smart Cities

from the Smart Cities: Big Data Prediction Methods and Applications 

Authors: Hui Liu

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Who Loses from Restricting Chinese Student Visas?

from the China's Economic Arrival

Authors: Damien Ma

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020