Inequality & Decent Work

Part of the Sustainable Development Goals Programme

This page draws attention to the research surrounding Sustainable Development Goals 8 - 'Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all' and 10 - 'Reduce inequality within and among countries'. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts places of work and employees across the world, with some sectors and types of workers affected in different ways, research on these topics will become increasingly essential to help us move forward in the coming years.

Our editors share the latest content from the portfolio, and we have selected journal articles and book chapters on associated research topics for further reading around the subject.

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A note from the editors


Jessica Harrison, Editor of Scholarly Business and Elizabeth Graber, Editor, Scholarly Economics talk through the latest content highlights covering SDG 8 topics.


Juno Kawakami, Editor, Economics, Law, Political Science and Lorraine Klimowich, Senior editor, Economics and Political Science discuss the latest books in inequality and decent work.

Enjoy reading a selection of relevant research

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