Open Access Books: Supporting SDG 17

Research on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17, Partnerships for the Goals can have a huge impact on policy as a book. Books—more than journal articles—often form the basis for governmental and non-governmental organization policy approaches.

A book can reach those key people. And open access (OA) books can have the widest possible reach. Anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection can read OA books. Below, you’ll find a list of OA books on SDG 17, Partnerships for the Goals that show what publishing an OA book can mean.

Interviews with authors of open access books related to SDG 17

Tsunao Watanabe

Tsunao Watanabe

Director of the Secretariat of the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI)

Series Editor of the book series Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review

"With OA we can better inform about policies and practices to facilitate action towards more sustainable futures." Read the interview

Patrick Huntjens

Patrick Huntjens

Research and Innovation Centre Agri, Food and Life Sciences (RIC-AFL), Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Delft, The Netherlands

Author of the book Towards a Natural Social Contract

"I consider open access publishing not only a moral duty, but also an ethical commitment to make my work equally available to anyone who has an interest.Read the interview

Featured OA Books

Featured OA Chapters

Importance and Utilization of Theory-Based Evaluations in the Context of Sustainable Development and Social-Ecological Systems

from Transformational Change for People and the Planet

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Knowledge Production for the SDGs: Developing the Global Indicators

from Governing the Sustainable Development Goals

Palgrave Macmillan 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Business Models for Sustainability

from Business Transitions: A Path to Sustainability

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Good reasons to publish an OA book

  • Increased visibility & discoverability
  • High quality
  • Authors retain copyright
  • Compliance with funder mandates

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