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Explore Special Issues and Topical Collections related to SDG 2 from across our extensive range of journals.

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If your current work also bears on SDG 2 like the work gathered here, you can amplify its impact by publishing it alongside this work. Springer Nature’s focus on the SDGs means policymakers, government officials, and researchers like you will come back to collections like these to find the research they need to further their own work.

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Collections / Special Issues

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Benefits of publishing in a journal collection / special issue

What are some of the benefits of publishing in a collection?

Context: Your results and research will appear alongside others working on the same question—helping put your work in the proper context. 

Expert guidance: An expert Guest Editor, known to you and your colleagues in your field—who understands your work more completely than the journal’s regular Editors. 

Timely review and publication: Because a collection has a time focus, the journal places extra effort on timely review and publication.

Improved visibility: Because journals often feature topical collections on their home pages, your work will be more readily visible as compared to publishing in a regular issue or sequence.

Submit your paper to one of the collections listed above or explore journals publishing SDG 02-related research on the main hub for SDG 02

Journal open access agreements

00G7H_LP-SDG11_Visual Creation © Springer NatureResearchers at more than 3,450 institutions worldwide are benefitting from transformative agreements (TAs) with Springer Nature—and that number is growing.

These agreements cover the open access (OA) journal article publishing costs for researchers at those institutions. Find out more about OA agreements and whether you may be entitled to publish OA with your fees covered.

Benefits of publishing your SDG2-related research openly include increased citation and usage, greater public engagement, faster impact and compliance with open access mandates.

Are you entitled to publish OA with your fees covered?