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Solar prominences: theory and models

from Living Reviews in Solar Physics

The effects of chemical components and particle size on the mechanical properties of binderless boards made from oak (Quercus spp.) logs degraded by shiitake fungi (Lentinula edodes)

from Journal of Wood Science

ABC Spotlight on Analytics 4.0

from Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Women’s empowerment following disaster: a longitudinal study of social change

from Natural Hazards

Integration of aqueous (micellar) two-phase systems on the proteins separation

from BMC Chemical Engineering

Sediment transport by tropical cyclones recorded in a submarine canyon off Bangladesh

from Geo-Marine Letters

Higher order fluctuations and correlations of conserved charges from lattice QCD

from Journal of High Energy Physics

QCD equation of state at nonzero chemical potential: continuum results with physical quark masses at order μ 2

from Journal of High Energy Physics

Impact of resonance regeneration and decay on the net proton fluctuations in a hadron resonance gas

from The European Physical Journal C

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