Economic Growth and Development

With global economic recovery hampered by various challenges and global unemployment likely to remain above pre-pandemic level in 2023, policies that support job creation, entrepreneurship, and innovation are paramount to improving these issues.

Therefore, within this section of the Sustainable Development Goal 8 Hub, you can find research dedicated to supporting these policies, in the hope of improving the global economy and the lives of individuals the world over.

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All about Lead Community Fundraising

from Lead Community Fundraising

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

The Reality of African Trade Integration—Challenges of Implementation

from Regional Integration, Trade and Industry in Africa

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Overlapping-Generations Model of Economic Growth

from Economic Growth and Development

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Economic Growth and Public Debt in the World Economy

from Growth and International Trade

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Fast-Growing Developing Countries: Dilemma and Way Forward in a Carbon-Constrained World 

from Sustainable Development Insights from India

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

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