Books at Springer Nature

What if your colleagues and students could find and access your book, immediately, on any device, anywhere in the world? That’s Springer Nature’s vision for your book, and that’s one of the benefits you get as a Springer Nature book author. 

Any Springer Nature book, anywhere, anytime

Our goal is for researchers and students to find and use the books we publish—when they’re looking for them; when they need them. By having our books in every format (PDF, ePub, print, and MyCopy), we break down the barriers between your book and your readers. Breaking down barriers also means we can publish your book open access.


Springer Nature's books philosophy has always focused on libraries. It has always been our mission to get a copy of every book we publish into every research library in the world. We developed our eBook packages so that this would also mean that that copy would be available to every researcher and student in the world, on demand, without restrictions (so no limits on concurrent users, no digital rights management, etc.) 

To accomplish this challenging task, Springer Nature has built a world-leading marketing and sales organization to serve university and institutional libraries, worldwide. 

To learn more about the work this team does, see this interview with colleagues from Account Development and Institutional Sales and Marketing. 

Books marketing

The goal: Put your book in front of the right readers, when they're looking for it. This means a relentless focus on findability, and on making it as easy as possible for researchers and students to find and access your book. This includes working hard on search engine optimization, but also:

  • Inexpensive print accessibility via MyCopy
  • Powerful e-commerce tools and initiatives, including our own web shop, Amazon and other online booksellers

You also have the opportunity to help promote your research effectively.

No other person is better qualified to talk about your publications than you! Check out our tips and tools that will help you reach the relevant audiences for your book. 

  • Your book in all formats

    Readers can find Springer and Palgrave books in all formats. From chapter PDFs on SpringerLink to affordable MyCopy print versions, and ePub versions optimized for tablets and phones, as well as traditional print versions. 

    • Print: Readers, scholars, and scientists will find your book available to purchase in the Springer Shop and applicable book retailers
    • eBook: All of our books are made available in eBook form and can be bought directly from the Springer Shop, as well as online book retailers
    • MyCopy: Readers have the option to choose an affordable and complete edition of your book when they choose to order MyCopy. This unique service is available at all institutions with subscriptions to SpringerLink
  • MyCopy: eBooks in affordable print

    MyCopy is a unique service from Springer Nature that allows library patrons to order a personal, print-on-demand soft cover edition of an eBook for just $39.99 / €39.99. It can be ordered directly from SpringerLink.

    This offer is available in North America, many European countries, Australia, New Zealand and will be expanded to further countries. Prices are subject to GST/VAT where applicable. Shipping and handling are included.

  • Making textbooks affordable

    Students whose libraries buy eBook packages will have free, unlimited access to all Springer and Palgrave textbooks in those packages. That includes everything in that package—primary as well as secondary texts; from undergraduate to doctoral textbooks. That's in all electronic formats—including the option to buy a MyCopy for $39.99/€39.99 (where available). 

    So when you publish your textbook with Springer or Palgrave, you can know that price won't keep students from your book!

  • Open access books

    Springer Nature publishes the world’s most significant open access portfolio—and as fits our position as the leading scholarly book publisher, we have a thriving OA books portfolio, too!

    We publish OA books and book chapters in every field, under both SpringerOpen and Palgrave Macmillan imprints. 

Learn more about our academic imprints