Research data

Publishing research data is as important as publishing your research in journals and books

What are research data and why is sharing important?

Research data refers to the collection of files that support your research project, study or publication such as spreadsheets, documents, images, videos or audio.

Your research data are valuable - without it, other researchers can’t learn and build upon your research. You won't get credit if other researchers can’t find and cite you.

The files on your desktop or USB stick may contain valuable knowledge that other researchers can learn from.

Sharing your research data helps:

  • Others build upon your research.
  • Advance discovery in your discipline and contribute to the public good.
  • Meet your funder or institutional requirements for sharing research data.

It can also help enhance your research profile by gaining credit for the data you produce and increase readership of your published work, including the papers and articles which your data builds on. 

Research data products & services

Springer Nature is committed to supporting researchers in sharing research data and in receiving the credit you deserve. We have developed the following products and services to make sharing your research data faster, easier and more impactful.


Research data helpdesk

Our team of research data editors gives free advice on how and where to share your research data, according to your specific research community. We always respond to your enquiry within two working days.

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Research data publishing

Nature Research's Scientific Data and BMC Research Notes are two of our open access, online-only journals that publish article summaries of scientifically valuable datasets.

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For institutions

We can help your institution increase data sharing and meet funder data sharing requirements.

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Research Data Community


Our Research Data Community is a growing forum of advocates for the sharing of research data. It is a great place to interact with other researchers, read the latest information on research data and help advance data sharing practices.

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Research data policies


Springer Nature is committed to leading the way to help make data sharing easier for researchers and we will continue to work with data sharing communities to standardise research data policies.

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