Design Research Lab

We work passionately to get to know the scientific community, so we can design better products, services and experiences to support your work.

Help us make our products better for you. We’re a team of designers, developers, and researchers dedicated to improving the products and services we offer the scientific community. We’d really like your feedback, so we can better understand how we can better meet your needs

How you can get involved

1 You sign up

Sign up to be invited to a user research session

2 We invite you

When we have a suitable opportunity for you, we will send an invite

3 You do research

If you want to, you’ll take part in the research

4 We reward you

We’ll send you an e-voucher or make a charity donation to say thanks

Why your feedback is important to us

At Springer Nature Digital we collect useful insights about researchers. We do this by learning from our global user community and how they do their work. 

In order to thank you for your collaboration and time, we will give you a reward. 

Our goal is to learn from our community, so we can deliver better products and services to met researchers needs.

Usually we’ll ask you to take part in one of the following