Open Access Books: Supporting SDG 2

Books addressing SDG 2 published open access (OA) can help drive policies and conversations.

Research that can help deliver insights and solutions towards the reduction of hunger, as targeted by SDG 2, is a major publishing focus of Springer Nature’s SDG Programme, whether in biotechnology or in geography, whether in agronomy or in economics, whether in nutrition or in international law. 

Below you’ll find our recent OA books on SDG 2: Zero Hunger, as well as perspectives from some of their authors.

Interviews with authors of open access books related to SDG 2

Prof. Dave Reay

Prof. Dave Reay

Professor of Carbon Management, University of Edinburgh, UK and Director of the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute.

Author of Climate-Smart Food

"If you want your book to reach around the world and inform a readership you’d never normally be able to speak to then open access is for you." 
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Dr. Hugo Campos

Dr. Hugo Campos

Director of Research, International Potato Center, Chile
Author of The Potato Crop and The Innovation Revolution in Agriculture

"OA is about reaching people who cannot afford books in developing countries, about enabling others to be successfulRead the interview

Featured OA Books

Featured OA Chapters

Mycotoxins and Pesticides: Toxicity and Applications in Food and Feed

from Microbial Biotechnology

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Antibiotics and Animal Agriculture: The Need for Global Collective Action

from Ethics and Drug Resistance: Collective Responsibility for Global Public Health

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

International Organizations and Food: Nearing the End of the Lean Season?

from International Organizations in Global Social Governance

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Microbes and Their Role in Drought Tolerance of Agricultural Food Crops

from Microbial Biotechnology

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Malnutrition in Older People

from Social Determinants of Health in Non-communicable Diseases

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Global Food Security, Contributions from Sustainable Potato Agri-Food Systems

from The Potato Crop

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Linkage Between Agriculture, Poverty and Malnutrition in India

from Revitalizing Indian Agriculture and Boosting Farmer Incomes

Springer 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

Climate-Smart Food: Introduction

from Climate-Smart Food

Palgrave Macmillan 20 px © Springer Nature 2020

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  • Increased visibility & discoverability
  • High quality
  • Authors retain copyright
  • Compliance with funder mandates

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