When you submit a manuscript to us, we run a technical check to make sure that there are no issues that could stop your work being properly reviewed.

These are some tips on what we look out for:

Common manuscript issues

Plagiarism (even if accidental)

We use advanced technologies to spot incidences of identical or similar copy. Even if it's unintentional, plagiarism is not acceptable. Make sure you cite all resources you have used, for example previous research, technical methods or techniques. As long as you acknowledge your resources, it's acceptable.

Writing issues

Aim for clear language that makes it easy to follow your research. If you need support with your written English, we have languages services that can help.

Journal guidelines aren't followed

Some journals need information in a specific format for their specialism. Check on the journal website to make sure.

Submission issues that slow us down

Duplicate submissions - we can't accept them

Submissions to multiple journals at the same time isn’t allowed. If your paper is already under review elsewhere we can't consider it.

Missing contributing authors

Remember to include everyone involved in the research in the initial submission, not just yourself.

Missing ethics statements or declarations

If your work involves live subjects (human or animal) you must provide an appropriate ethical statement when submitting your paper. 

Missing image permissions and/or credit

You must seek permission to reuse any images included in the manuscript, and include appropriate credits.

Figures that can't be used

If any images or figures have embedded captions (i.e. where the caption or annotation is part of the image itself), you need to amend or recreate them. If you are using third-party images you must also remember to give credit to the original creator.

Figures and tables must have plain text captions and be of a high resolution.