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AI in Heart Failure| 1st June, 2022

Explore the advantages of using AI in the treatment and management against heart failure, featuring a panel of the world's leading researchers. Topics range from diagnostics, prediction, treatment direction, clinical decision support, individualized dosage, drug discovery and repurposing, and future technical solutions entering the market. Webinar attendees will learn how mathematics and algorithms can aid against the disease course and bring new treatments.

The discussion— lead by researchers in AI, biomedical engineering, heart failure, and pharmacology—highlight how AI will be a game changer for the future of heart failure management in the 2020s. Listen to the recording:

The panel:

- Niklas Lidströmer MD, MSc, Specialist Physician, Postgraduate Researcher in AI in Medicine @Karolinska Institutet 

- Mathias Egermark, Inaugural Executive Visiting Fellow @National University of Singapore 

- Professor Martin Cowie, Consultant Cardiologist @Royal Brompton Hospital & King's College London 

- Professor Dean Ho, Department Head of Biomedical Engineering @National University of Singapore