References Modules

Foundational knowledge that keeps pace with discovery

A Springer Nature Reference is a great place to begin any topic-based research, whether readers are new to the subject, specialists or working across disciplines. 

Written by internationally renowned experts, references clearly present established academic concepts, providing researchers with a foundation of knowledge on which to build.

Each reference entry links to the primary and secondary sources so, researchers can follow the information trail and continue to develop their understanding.

Subject Reference Modules

Springer Nature References are available in 8 subject modules providing a wealth of knowledge in a specific subject, ideal for graduate students, researchers, professionals, technologists, and clinicians looking for a one-stop authoritative reference work covering all aspects of the field. 

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Download the infographic
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Biomedical & Life Sciences highlights

Computer Science & Engineering highlights

Humanities highlights

Medicine highlights

Chemistry, Materials & Physics highlights

Earth & Environmental Sciences highlights

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Major Reference Works

Types of Reference Works: Springer Nature’s Major Reference Works are published online both as eReferences and so-called “Living References” which are online first, real-time snapshots (article collections) of a reference work in development or being updated. The living editions are delivered using an industry-first publishing model, well in advance of printed reference publications, and continuously offer new and up-to-date content. Each online-first entry has its own DOI and is fully citable.

Why choose Springer Nature's Major Reference Works?

  • Online-first dynamic publishing means current, up-to-date information

  • Peer-reviewed content ensures scholarly integrity and quality

  • Content grows as new reference titles are published and previously published works are updated

  • Easy access to valued and much-used reference works across all subjects through SpringerLink

  • High-quality images and illustrations

  • Content available in multiple formats, including eReference works