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Today’s researchers are increasingly rediscovering the value of past research, which lies in informing and directing their current research activities. Tapping into the experience of previous generations of researchers can improve and accelerate new research.

The Springer Nature Book Archives is one of the most expansive single source of past research ever created. Digital archives allow libraries to reduce storage capacity and measure ROI of their archival content.

Groundbreaking discoveries

The heritage of our brands is unequalled - Springer, Nature Research, Palgrave Macmillan, Adis and Scientific American. We have preserved the most comprehensive collection of scholarly research records. Examples of ground-breaking research, many by Nobel Prize winners, dating back to 1851.

  • 1880 Fingerprint Identification
  • 1920 Einstein's Theory of Relativity
  • 1950 Einstein’s Theory of Gravitation
  • 1997 The Blue Laser Diode
  • 2001 The Human Genome is Mapped
  • 1903 Marie Curie's Studies on Radioactive Substances translated
  • 1932 Discovery of the Neutron
  • 1985 The Ozone Hole
  • 1997 Dolly the Sheep

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Spotlight on Behavioral Sciences & Psychology eBooks

Springer Nature is one of the largest publishers of psychology research in the world but what does that mean for the Behavioral Sciences & Psychology eBooks - we spoke with Rachel Daniel, Executive Editor to find out. 

13 Oct 2020

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The Springer Book Archives

The Springer Book Archives (SBA) include over 120,000 scholarly eBooks dating back to the 1800s. The SBA offers 11 English-language subject collections and 5 German-language subject collections available by full subject collection or by year set.

SBA English-language subject collections

  • Behavioral Sciences: 1,400+ titles        
  • Biomedical & Life Sciences: 7,800+ titles     
  • Business & Economics: 3,000+ titles        
  • Chemistry & Materials: 4,000+ titles        
  • Computer Science: 6,000+ titles            
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences: 2,500+ titles
  • Engineering: 4,000+ titles
  • Humanities Social Sciences & Law: 5,500+ titles
  • Mathematics & Statistics: 7,000+ titles
  • Medicine: 7,500+ titles
  • Physics & Astronomy: 6,000+ titles

SBA German-language subject collections

  • Computer Science & Engineering (German): 11,000+ titles
  • Business & Economics (German): 11,000+ titles
  • Humanities & Social Sciences (German): 12,000+ titles
  • Life & Basic Disciplines (German): 10,000+ titles
  • Medicine (German): 9,000+ titles

Both collections are also available by smaller copyright year sets:

Vintage (pre-1990) | Modern (1990-1999)Millennium (2000-2004)

The Palgrave Book Archives

The Palgrave Macmillan and the Macmillan Higher Education archive titles joined the Springer Book Archives portfolio, available as 8 separate archive collections with over 11.000 eBooks which include previously unavailable and out-of-print books.

The Palgrave Book Archives subject collections

  • Business & Management: 900+ titles
  • Economics & Finance: 2,000+ titles
  • History: 1,500+ titles
  • Language & Linguistics: 50+ titles
  • Literature & Performing Arts: 2,000+ titles
  • Political & International Studies: 2,000+ titles
  • Religion & Philosophy: 500+ titles
  • Social & Cultural Studies: 1,500+ titles

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Knowledge drives innovation. We recognize its relevance to the next generations of researchers. That’s why we brought together 175 years of the most important research and discovery in the Springer Nature eBooks archives.



Positive usage trends prove the significance and the continuing value of research in the Archive. Researchers today are tapping into the experience of previous generations of researchers can improve and accelerate research today.



License to the full Springer Nature Book Archives gives limitless users instant and unlimited access to the research and to researchers themselves – In perpetuity. A one-time purchase represents huge long-term cost efficiencies.

What our customers say

"The SBA provides valuable information across all subject areas; researchers and post-doctoral students are looking back on their own subject area and need to see what has been written before. The usage of titles in Computer Science was of particularly interest. Looking at how this has evolved over time and how the subject has developed is interesting to see in the book collection."

University of Boras, Sweden Librarian, Martin Borg

"We are thrilled to be able to add the SBA to the Springer content that we already offer to students, researchers and faculties at our university and library...We are also proud to be the first university in Asia to offer such an extensive amount of historical content, and we imagine that there will be high demand for such a useful resource across the region."

Waseda University Library, Tokyo, Japan

Archives: The 1970-80-90's

Archives: The 1970-80-90's

Research and innovations coming out of the '70s, '80s and '90s across three important global grand challenges facing the world today: climate change, global health and a digitally transformed world.

Journal archives

Journal archives

Our long history of publishing and preserving scholarly research helps excel research and learning for researchers, professionals, students, and educators in institutions and organization worldwide.

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Tools & Services

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