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Scholarly journals offering reliable, thought-provoking academic content across business & economics, humanities, and the social sciences.

As part of Springer Nature, Palgrave Macmillan continues to uphold its reputation as a dynamic journal publisher and an unbroken tradition of over 170 years of academic publishing. The portfolio includes 40+ journals providing high-quality content emphasizing on policy, application and social impact. The journals are internationally recognized as leaders in their fields and are published in collaborations with societies and institutions.

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  • 40+

    journals spanning business & economics, humanities and social sciences

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  • Access to well-established, top ranked titles in their respective fields
  • High-quality content with emphasis on policy, application and social impact
  • Over 90% of our indexed journals have seen an increase in Impact Factor over the past year, with an average increase of 23%
  • Multiple titles published in collaboration with societies and institutions        
  • Internationally recognized as leaders in their fields
  • Accessible on SpringerLink , Springer for R&D, and Springer for Hospitals & Health


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