A secure platform for developing and sharing reproducible methods. A new and exciting addition to the Springer Nature portfolio: empowers you to organize protocols, collaborate seamlessly, and get credit and recognition for method development.

By merging's innovative platform for secure collaboration with Springer Nature's world-leading protocols offerings, we are advancing research and continuing our commitment to driving open research. This synergy empowers users to fast-track their work, foster collaboration, get credit and recognition for method development, and drive innovation

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How helps researchers

Enhance collaboration facilitates seamless collaboration among researchers, fostering a culture of teamwork and shared knowledge.

Boost discoverability

Increase the visibility of your research by sharing protocols openly on, making it easier for others to find and build upon your work.

Ensure reproducibility

With detailed step-by-step instructions, plays a pivotal role in ensuring the reproducibility of research methods, strengthening the integrity of scientific research.

Promote reuse

Enable fellow researchers to easily reuse and adapt your methods, saving time and resources while advancing scientific progress.

Gain credit and recognition

Receive well-deserved credit and recognition for your method development efforts, contributing to your professional growth and reputation.

Version control offers versioning capabilities, allowing you to track changes and improvements in your methods over time.

Enhance materials and methods

Improve the quality and accuracy of your research materials and methods, contributing to more reliable and robust scientific outcomes.

Secure research output serves as a trustworthy repository for preserving and stewarding your research output, ensuring its accessibility and longevity.

Detailed method documentation

Benefit from comprehensive method documentation, which is essential for the preservation and dissemination of your research techniques. highlights