MARC Records

Increase visibility of your Springer Nature eBook and journal collections by loading our MARC  records into your catalogs. Libraries using MARC records may find that their eBook and journal usage may increase by as much as 50%. Because of this we understand the importance of MARC records and we currently offer two delivery options: records from Springer Nature and records from our partnership with OCLC. To understand the differences, please review the chart below and choose which option best meets your needs.

MARC records delivery options

MARC record details

Springer NatureOCLC

Available for ebooks



Available for ejournals



Frequency of delivery



OCLC Control Number included



Receive MARC record directly from data source



Automatically maintain WorldCat holdings



Automatically receive MARC records that are enriched with subject and MESH Headings as well as additional enhancements made by the library community.



Automatically receive delete MARC records as titles are removed from the collection



*Requires an active OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Subscription.

Get started with MARC records

from Springer Nature

from OCLC

To learn how to receive MARC records from OCLC and configure automated updates and WorldCat holdings maintenance, please review the instructions available at:

Updating your library catalogue

Download MARC records and title lists

Access our Metadata Downloader to download Springer Nature contemporary and archive eBooks title lists, SpringerProtocols title lists, Springer Journal title lists and MARC records specific to your current library holdings.

OCLC Control Numbers

Libraries also have the option of downloading the records themselves from WorldCat using lists of OCLC control numbers provided here by Springer Nature and the batch processing capabilities of the OCLC Connexion client cataloging software.

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Further information

Springer Nature's metadata policy

As Springer Nature takes into account the growing need for freely available metadata we are making our original MARC records available under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license for free use. The CC0 license applies for all Springer Nature MARC21 and MARCxml records offered through the MARC download tool. 

FTP option for Springer Nature MARC records

Customers who prefer FTP delivery of MARC records should email and include ALL of the following information:

  1. Please provide the contact name and email of the responsible staff member(s)
  2. Uploads will be made to a Springer Nature FTP site for you to download the data, with your own login credentials.
  3. If your processes require uploads to your own FTP instead, please provide the address, credentials to access and the folder to use; please note that read/write access on your FTP site is needed
  4. Please tell us which Springer Nature collections you have purchased, including copyright year(s), e.g. Math and Statistics CRY 2017
  5. Please tell us the frequency of updates you would like (the standard is monthly but shorter intervals are possible)
  6. If you have any other questions on this service, please include them in your email

We will confirm via email when you can start to use the FTP service, which will remain in effect indefinitely.

*Note: this service applies only to Springer Nature (not OCLC) MARC records, nor is it available for eBook title lists

Forthcoming titles and eBooks without eRights

The forthcoming report is typically updated the first week of each month:

The 'no erights' list includes titles added through October 2013. Since November 2013, newly listed titles can be found in the 'Deleted MARC records' download option in the form above.

MARC Records for the Italian Language Packages

These are the Springer Nature MARC records for the Springer Nature eBook collection of Italian language titles.

  • The packages range from 2005 to 2023
  • The Italian language collection is exclusively available in Italian speaking countries.

Download the MARC records and title list:

The Complete Book Series List

Consult our complete book series list by visiting SpringerLink and clicking on “series”, or use this direct link.

MARC Record Corrections & Retractions

Springer Nature Book Archives Collection Updates, June 2019

Over 1,200 eBooks were added to the Book Archive packages on SpringerLink. Existing customers who licensed access to the respective Book Archive packages will automatically gain access to these titles at no additional charge. Below is the list of eBook added to the collections. Please consider updating your records if your records if you have licensed any package. You may select the IBSNs from the file and insert them in the Metadata Downloader.

Book Archives Collection Update, June 2019

Springer Nature Book Archives Collection Updates, January 2015

As the result of metadata updates made in December 2014, many Springer Nature Book Archive titles have been reassigned collections. MARC records and title lists are now updated.

Important message about MARC delivery update 10 December 2015

Previously, we informed you that we suspended the release of new MARC records. As a result of the integration of Palgrave Macmillan eBooks in SpringerLink, a set of new eBook subject collections have been setup while quality checks were performed.

We implemented large amounts of new data in our back-end systems and we are now showing the new subject collections in the downloader tool below.

In addition to the implementation of the new subject collections, we have also performed a clean-up of our data. As with any clean up that results in changes in eBook subject collection or copyright years, we will make sure that no customer loses access to titles.

The URLs and DOI-links in the Palgrave titles might not all resolve correctly to SpringerLink. Therefore access on Palgrave Connect remains in place until we have concluded all quality checks.

An overview of all titles affected, please click here.

Should there be any further questions, please feel free to contact us

Access Relevant Data Clean-Ups March 1st, 2014

To improve the data consistency between SpringerLink and Springer Nature MARC records, Springer Nature has updated subject collection, language and copyright year data fields for eBooks, both Book Archives (pre-2005) and contemporary collections. This resulted in:

  • changes of MARC records released on March 1st 2014, and
  • the number of titles per subject collection on SpringerLink

-- Access --

Customers will NOT lose SpringerLink access to any titles because of any of these changes. However, the number of titles in each subject collection may be different than prior to this project. These changes are the results of subject collection and language assignment updates. As a result of these corrections, some customers will have access to additional content that they have not previously.‎ All changes are complete as of 28 February.

-- Why is this project necessary? --

SpringerLink uses a different source of metadata from the downloader tool, which provides both Springer Nature MARC records and eBook title lists. Over time, the different sources have resulted in discrepancies due to an outdated workflow that is being corrected. This project ensures that title lists and numbers match in both sources.

-- MARC Records --

The MARC records changes concern only language and copyright year and not subject collections (which determine eBook package) but please note that a language correction has in most cases a change of the eBook package as a result. The new and corrected records are available on the downloader on March 1st. OCLC will update their collection sets accordingly.

We recommend replacing existing records with the corrected MARC records in your library catalog. A list with corrected records is available below. This list only contains changes of MARC records, changes on SpringerLink that don’t affect the MARC records are excluded from the list.

-- SpringerLink --

Subject collection (= eBook package) corrections were made on SpringerLink to ensure that the data is consistent with the MARC records. This means that the eBook package information in the MARC record was already correct and we adjusted the data on SpringerLink only. The clean-ups of SpringerLink data have include copyright year and language changes too. The reason is that the MARC record and the titles lists from the MARC downloader were already correct but the information on SpringerLink was not. As a reminder, none of the changes described here result in lost access to any purchased content.


The MARC download tool has been enhanced with the option to download lists that include deleted MARC records (= Retractions). Deleted records are those that were once included on the downloader but have since been removed because the content is not available on SpringerLink. The functionality can be selected under “Format/Deleted MARC Records” and works like the usual selection of records and titles lists. This functionality replaces the retraction excel lists published here the year before.