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Leading as a Chief Sustainability Officer: How Fortune 500 Companies Create Impactful Sustainability & ESG Strategies | 9, June 2022

Webinar Description:
What does it take to run credible sustainability strategy at a Fortune 500 company? Join author of “Chief Sustainability Officers At Work: How CSOs Build Successful Sustainability and ESG Strategies,” Chrissa Pagitsas and Pia Heidenmark Cook, former CSO of IKEA and Board Member to MAX Burgers, Origin Materials, and Bupa, in a chat about the sustainability strategies at some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Chrissa and Pia will talk about the trends in business’ integration of sustainability and how to apply lessons learned guiding large organizations to a more sustainable future.


Chrissa Pagitsas is the author of the book “Chief Sustainability Officers at Work” (Apress, 2022) which explores the leadership strategies of Chief Sustainability Officers at Fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola, Cognizant, DBS, Duke Energy, IKEA, Owens Corning, Procter & Gamble. She is an independent advisor to senior executives on the intersection of environmental, social, governance (ESG) and global business.

Pia Heidenmark Cook is the former CSO of IKEA and Board Member to MAX Burgers, Origin Materials, and Bupa. She led IKEA’s strategy to become people- and planet-positive by 2030 and was inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a better everyday life for many people.

Discover how CSOs are implementing sustainability initiatives in this interview with author Chrissa Pagitas

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