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The New Metadata Downloader Four Months On | 29th May 2018

In January 2018, in a bid to further improve the accessibility and discoverability of book and journal content, Springer Nature launched it's new Metadata Downloader tool. 

Replacing the former MARC downloader, this single, central tool enables the downloading of metadata across the books and journals portfolios with flexibility for users in how data is selected. 

By the end of this webinar you should have a greater understanding about the metadata downloader. The session will cover various topics including: 

• A short overview of the new metadata downloader and how it differs from the previous MARC downloader. 
• What has happened in the four months since launch? 
• What feedback has been given by our librarian user group and what developments have been made? 
• An understanding of the frequency in which the data is updated. 
• Information on the inclusion of journals data inside the tool. 
• A preview of any upcoming features. 

Join Sebastian Bock, Digital Product Manager at Springer Nature, for this webinar and find out more about the new Metadata Downloader.