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Semiconductors & Rare Earth elements: What are the Alternatives?| 27th September, 2022

The use of rare earth elements is crucial to semiconductor manufacturing. With China being the greatest producer of these elements, and new restrictions on their export being introduced, the supply chain is suffering. Companies are being forced to turn to alternative raw materials or suppliers, but how can they find alternatives?

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How these shortages affect the electronics industry worldwide
  • The risk a market can face when depending on a sole source
  • How SpringerMaterials can be used to find alternatives to single source materials

Speaker Bio:

Antonio Montes is responsible for the development of Springer Materials and improving its user experiences. Antonio is a trained chemical engineer bringing experiences working in roles within operations, process engineering, and research & development. His industry experiences span the various fields of materials science applications from high technology ceramic coatings in the aerospace industry to Nitinol based endoscopic stents in the medical device industry. Antonio has a B.E in Chemical and Molecular Engineering from Stony Brook University and a M.Sc in Chemical Engineering from New York University conducting research in the areas of Natural Language Processing to extract findings from published articles for the advancement of the plasma catalysis field.

Listen to the webinar recording below.