Spotlight on Asthma

Tell us bit more about your current role and background in research?

I am a Product Manager for the Springer Nature Protocols and Methods portfolio within the Database Research Group (DRG). A big part of my role is to continuously improve the content and feature development of our research solution Springer Nature Experiments.  Before joining Springer Nature, I was a researcher for nearly 7 years which includes my Ph.D and postdoctoral research in the field of three-dimensional cell culture and tissue engineering. During this time, I have also gained my industrial and product development experience.

Can you tell us bit more about Springer Nature Experiments?

Experiments is a new research solution developed by Springer Nature which helps scientist to find, evaluate and implement protocols and methods across the life sciences. Springer Nature Experiments covers the largest collection of protocols and methods for the life sciences with content from Springer Protocols, Nature Protocols, Nature Methods, and Protocol Exchange. It offers an advanced way to search through more than 50,000 high-quality protocols and methods. By employing multiple subject-specific filters, Springer Nature Experiments serves as an optimum tool to also quickly sort and browse through the protocols and methods for a particular model organism or a technique. This proves extremely useful for researchers as it saves them significant time that would otherwise be spent on scanning multiple articles on different sites.

How can this support scientists involved in Asthma research?

Asthma is one of the most common chronic and non-communicable diseases in children and also in adults. Springer Nature Protocols and Methods portfolio covers over 550 articles and growing, primarily from the distinguished Methods in Molecular Biology series from Springer that hosts the maximum coverage of content for Asthma. Starting from the latest articles, scientists can retrieve content as far back as 1981. 

Experiments displays the number of citations and downloads to understand at a glance which articles are worth further investigation. Researchers can also take advantage of the sorting options available and order their search results based on their requirements such as most cited articles related to asthma or trending articles that received the highest number of downloads in the past 30 days. This aims to provide scientists with an overview of articles that are emerging hot for asthma research.

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Dr. Sarada Devi Ramachandran

Database Product Manager

Springer Nature

Drugs, Trials, Safety & Deals / Nano Materials & Devices

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