Sick of COVID-19? Latest research, drug development and treatments

By: Diana Petrowicz, Tue Oct 6 2020
Diana Petrowicz

Author: Diana Petrowicz

As the world continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 virus, the scientific and medical research communities continue to search for effective treatments and work on vaccine options. At this point, sharing data findings on the virus and its health impacts is vital, but how can we process this overload of information? Did you know there are over 500 drugs related to Covid-19 virus treatment in various phases? How can we support researchers in accessing the latest Covid-19 research, therapeutics and drug developments?

Global research on vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 has created an unprecedented amount of information. If you search for these terms on Google you receive 5.8 billion results and the numbers of results are increasing constantly. AdisInsight in an integrated database which gives users quick and accurate insights into drugs in development, clinical trials, drug safety, deals, and patents to help them make more informed research decisions.

In this webinar recording Jeff Southwood, Director Product Management AdisInsight at Springer Nature, talks us through latest insights in the status of pharmaceutical research, trends in pharmaceutical research as well as trial results for leading treatments and adverse events associated with treatment for COVID-19. Afterwards, speaker Heidi Becker, Senior Product Specialist & Engagement Manager for Dimensions at Digital Science, offers an introduction to Dimensions, a platform for discovering and analyzing research, grants, publications, citations, clinical trials, datasets, patents and policy documents. Dimensions included pre-prints on COVID-19 and other research areas. For more information download Jeff Southwood's and Heidi Becker's presentations and listen to the recordings here.

Webinar recording session from October 30, hosted by ACRL

Webinar recording session from November 1st, hosted by Research Information

Diana Petrowicz

Author: Diana Petrowicz

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