Historical Research to Support Today’s R&D

By: Caitlin Cricco, Thu Oct 12 2017
Caitlin Cricco

Author: Caitlin Cricco

As the world sees a rapid rate of research and development across medicine, technology, pharmaceuticals, and more, researchers around the world look to published research for the foundations and verifications. But surprisingly, it’s not only the latest books and journals that researchers are searching and referencing. 

Through usage statistics and web analytics, we are seeing that readers search, utilize and extract value in many of the archive (pre-2005) titles found in the Springer Book Archives portfolio on SpringerLink. These older books continue to receive numerous citations in modern works.

But why the archive titles in the Springer Book Archive portfolio? 

Researchers access historical precedents to support current theories, to deepen understanding and foundational knowledge, trace the genesis of significant research and/or protocols for links to new research discoveries, to discover and verify prior research to avoid mistakes to accelerate current research, and to meet the demands of a truly comprehensive research process. The Springer Book Archives portfolio includes titles which were previously hard to find or previously unavailable in print, offering researchers a comprehensive research resource.

More accessible archives with SBA Year Sets: 

Starting in September 2016, the Springer Book Archives is offering smaller, year set licensing options on the original 11 English-language and 5 German-language subject collections, making Springer Book Archives a more accessible e-resource for libraries and organizations worldwide. The smaller, year sets available on our archive titles include: Vintage (1840-1989), Modern (1990-1999), or the Millennium (2000-2004).

11 English-language archive collections: Behavioral Science, Biomedical and Life Sciences, Business and Economics, Chemistry and Materials Science, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Engineering, Humanities and Social Science and Law, Mathematics and Statistics, Medicine, Physics and Astronomy

5 German-language archive collections: Medicine, Computer Science and Engineering, Business and Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences, Life and Basic Disciplines

About the Springer Book Archives: 

The Springer Book Archives portfolio includes over 120,000 titles in science, technology, and medicine and now includes the Palgrave Macmillan back list titles in humanities and social sciences through the merger of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan, Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media in 2015.

For more information visit www.springer.com/bookarchives or email RD@springer.com



Caitlin Cricco

Author: Caitlin Cricco

Caitlin Cricco is a Senior Content Marketing Manager on the Institutional Marketing team, based in the New York office. She works closely with Product, Sales, and Editorial to grow awareness of Springer Nature brands and product lines within the corporate and health market place.

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