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The Education eBook Collection contains a broad range of crucial education research from all around the world. The Palgrave and Springer imprints contribute complimentary programs to the collection which are combined since the Springer Nature merger.

The collection covers everything from Early Childhood to professional and adult education and has a particular focus on Higher Education, Education Policy and Politics and International and Comparative Education with strong programs in Science and Mathematics Education, Educational Sociology & Psychology and Teaching and Teacher Education. Inequality in Education/Education for Social Justice, Game-based Learning and Inclusive Education are all important emerging topics. With strong monograph, edited volumes and textbook programs, the Education collection is a crucial resource for researchers, students, practitioners and policy makers.

Learn more about the Education eBook program, the Emerging trends and commitment to SDGs.

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Connecting with Authors and Editors around the World

We are a truly international publisher, serving the research community around the globe. With hubs throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific we are perfectly positioned to connect with our book authors and editors wherever they are located. Our global base of editorial staff is located in cities such as New York, London, Heidelberg, Tokyo, Beijing, New Delhi, Singapore, Melbourne and São Paulo. They constantly travel to scientific meetings and universities to connect with the research community.

Notable Authors

  • Henry A. Giroux, McMaster University, Canada
  • Stephen Billett, Griffith University, Australia
  • Dirk Ifenthaler, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • Ronald A. Beghetto, University of Connecticut, USA
  • Fernando Reimers, Harvard University, USA

About the Author

Milana Vernikova is Senior Editor and the Head of the Palgrave Education team, and is based in NY. She is currently commissioning titles across Education in the US, Latin America, and Canada but particularly in Higher Education, International Education, Education Policy, and History of Education. She is interested in receiving new proposals for monographs, edited volumes, handbooks, and advanced textbooks.

Linda Braus is Editor for Palgrave Education, based in NY. She is interested in new proposals for edited collections, Palgrave Pivots, textbooks, and reference works in Education, as well as in Childhood, Youth, and Family Studies. She is especially interested in research around diverse family and youth experiences, digital pedagogy, media and education, urban education, gifted education, public education, and multicultural education. She also commissions projects more broadly in early childhood/primary/secondary education and based in the regions of Canada and Latin America.

Alice Green is Editor for Palgrave Education, based in London. Alice joined Palgrave Macmillan in 2019, working on the Language & Linguistics and Migration Studies lists before becoming Editor for the UK Education programme in 2022. She commissions books across the full range of formats, including monographs, edited collections, handbooks, textbooks, Palgrave Pivots and major reference works.

Astrid Noordermeer is Editor for Springer, based in the Netherlands. She actively seeks proposals for cutting-edge research from around the world in the form of monographs, edited collections, major reference works, handbooks, as well as textbooks, for universities and higher education. Her publication list covers topics including, but not limited to, Early Childhood Education, Higher Education, Educational Leadership, Educational Policy, Artificial Intelligence in Education and Youth Education.

Claudia Acuna is an Editor for Springer Education books, based in the Netherlands. She currently focuses her commissioning on research related to Science Education, Assessment Education, Teacher Education, Environmental Education as well as International and Comparative Education. She enthusiastically seeks new proposals for monographs, contributed volumes, major reference works, handbooks and textbooks and welcomes contributions from Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia and Africa.

Alice Xie is Editor for Springer Education books for the China and East Asia region, and is based in Beijing. She commissions and manages titles across all topics related to Education, and is interested in proposals for book types such as monographs, edited collections, textbooks, professional books, SpringerBriefs, proceedings, and major reference works.

Grace Ma is Senior Editor for Springer Education books, and is based in Singapore. She commissions and manages titles from the regions of Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. She is interested in proposals across all topics in Education for monographs, edited collections, major reference works, professional books and textbooks, as well as SpringerBriefs.

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Worldwide Authors

Worldwide authors


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