COUNTER5 updates: New custom filters and Platform reports now available

By: Diana Petrowicz, Tue Sep 29 2020

We are pleased to announce 2 new COUNTER5 (C5) updates released in September 2020. The first update is that 4 new filters are now available to use for C5 customer filtered Title Master Reports. Second update, the C5 platform reports are also now available. Continue reading below for more details on each of these topics. 

New custom filters for COUNTER 5 Title Master Report   

Custom filtering makes it possible to create customized views/reports of the Master reports available, providing you with the ability to choose the level of detail your reports should include. These new filters provide you with additional options for a more personalized report.

The new filters available are for:

Data_Type: Reporting usage data for specific data types such as book and journal. Click here for more information about this filter 

Section_Type: Reporting usage on section types such as article, book, and chapter. Click here for more information about this filter 

YOP (Year of Publication): Filter your COUNTER 5 reports on year of publication starting as far back as 1815. Click here for more information about this filter 

Access_Type: Filter your COUNTER 5 reports on access types such as controlled or OA_Gold for example. Click her for more information about this filter 

COUNTER 5 Platform reports now available on Springer Nature Librarian Portal and SUSHI   

COUNTER 5 platform reports are now available for you to access via the Springer Nature Librarian Portal and via SUSHI. For more information on how to access/set up your platform report via SUSHI click here.

What you need to know about the COUNTER 5 platform reports

  1. The PR: Platform Master report and its standard view PR_P1 is available  
  2. The ability to apply custom filters to the PR: Platform master report is available 
  3. Data for these reports is available from January 2019 
  4. For the data from January through May of 2019 only requests and denials are included in the investigation counts. This is the same as for the Title Master Report data.  
  5. For only requests and denials are included in the investigation counts. This is the same as for the Title Report data. 
  6. The SpringerLink and Platform Report contains data for the Metric_Type searches_platform from July 2020 onwards.  

COUNTER 4 data will not be supported come January 2021

As part of our continued work to fully migrate into COUNTER 5 (C5) code of practice, and as highlighted in previous emails, we will no longer be supporting COUNTER 4 (C4) data for SpringerLink and You will be able to temporarily access C4 reports until 31 March 2021, but the data will only be provided up until December 2020. As of mid-April these C4 reports will not be provided any longer and we have fully switched to C5 for SpringerLink and data. This update does not apply to database reports, since we have yet to launch these reports in the C5 format. Before we remove the possibility to download C4 data we will make historic C4 data available in C5 format, so you can compare patron activity on the platforms for the past five years.

Visit the Springer Nature Support portal for additional resources and FAQs. For any additional questions or concerns please contact customer service:

Diana Petrowicz

Author: Diana Petrowicz

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