Development of new Springer Nature Librarian Portal

By: Diana Petrowicz, Sat Jun 2 2018
Diana Petrowicz

Author: Diana Petrowicz

In line with Springer Nature’s continuing efforts to improve our user's experience, we are happy to announce the development of a combined Springer Nature administration tool. The Springer Nature Librarian Portal will launch in late June, and provide administrators with a central location to manage their Springer Nature licensed content.

Do I need to take action?

No action is required on your part -- You will still be able to access the Springer Admin Portal and your Site License Administration Account. These sites will remain available even after the new Springer Nature Librarian Portal launches in June. Rest assured that we will inform you of eventual changes to your workflow beforehand, but as of right now everything remains the same.

What will happen to the Springer Admin Portal and Site License Administration?

Our development team is working very hard to ensure that all current functionality will eventually be available via the Springer Nature Librarian Portal. This is no small task, and in order to effectively accomplish this, the team is taking a phased approach. At the time of launch, the initial focus will be on enabling administration of all content in the new administration portal. Implementation of the Springer Admin Portal functionality will soon follow, leading to the eventual complete phasing out of separate SpringerLink and administration tools.


We will be sending further communications leading up to the launch date with more details on accessing the new portal, functionalities, and more. In the interim, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Customer Service

Partnering with the community to better serve librarians, administrators and information specialists

Over the last few months we have partnered with, and interviewed a small group of administrators to gather insights on how they interact with the SpringerLink and administration tools. Our insights from these discussions have helped shape the development and features for the Springer Nature Librarian Portal. We encourage you to try the new portal once it launches and share your feedback with us, on what works well and what needs improvement. Our goal is to provide you with the best user experience possible.

We are always seeking to improve and learn more from libraries, knowledge centers and those who work with our content. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and feedback with us in future interviews that we may conduct, sign up now.

Diana Petrowicz

Author: Diana Petrowicz

Diana Petrowicz is a Marketing Manager in the Sales Enablement team, based in the London office. Supporting the Sales and Account Development teams, she is enthusiastic about finding innovate ways to communicate with the library community and specialises in producing and writing case studies across the portfolio.