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By: Laura Graham-Clare, Sun Jul 15 2018

In tandem with the new look and feel of nature.com, the on-going migration also aims to improve overall functionality for our users.

Following thorough testing and continued analysis, we are refining the platform’s tools and features to provide a more optimized and distraction-free reading experience.


Current updates include:

•             Combining metadata with other metrics and key features

•             Positioning the “abstract” above the fold

•             Improve the visibility of article updates, corrections and retractions

•             Display associated content in a single list in a prominent location

•             Move or remove less-used features in favour of clean space

All of these details come together to ensure an efficient and considered experience for readers and researchers.

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Laura Graham-Clare

Author: Laura Graham-Clare

Laura Graham-Clare is Head of Community Content, based in London. Working between our publishing, sales and marketing teams, she is focused on thought leadership trends, content creation, and developing insights and information resources for staff, librarians, researchers and information professionals.

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