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Scholarly journals offering reliable, thought-provoking academic content across business & economics, humanities, and the social sciences.

As part of Springer Nature, Palgrave Macmillan continues to uphold its reputation as a dynamic journal publisher and an unbroken tradition of over 170 years of academic publishing. The portfolio includes 40+ journals that provide award-winning research from across the humanities, social sciences, and business for academics, processional, and librarians. The journals are internationally recognized as leaders in their fields and are published in collaborations with societies and institutions.

Business & Economics research

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Authoritative and acclaimed portfolio in Business and Economics, providing the very best international research to help guide and enrich academics and practitioners. We work with the world’s top organisations, and thought leaders, publishing leading authors such as the Nobel Prize winning Paul Krugman.

Humanities & Social Sciences

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Latest cutting-edge research and higher education teaching resources across a variety of subject areas including History, Literature, Culture and Media Studies, Theatre and Performance, and Philosophy and Religion. We curate and publish Books, reference works and digital learning resources carefully designed to meet the needs of scholars, academics, lecturers and students.

Politics & International Relations

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Featuring research from leading scholars and practitioners, Palgrave Politics and International Relations journals provide unique and timely insight into a fast changing world. 
We offer a selection of subject-defining journals including Latino Studies, International Politics, European Political Science, and Journal of International Relations and Development.

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