Corporate & Health solutions

Companies around the world choose Springer Nature as a trusted source to increase effectiveness, support decision making, accelerate R&D and innovation. We offer especially tailored business and access models to meet company’s of all sizes and industries research needs. Continue reading to explore a variety of flexible licensing options specific for corporate and health organizations.

eBook and Journal collections

Content on Demand (CoD)

A flexible option to access resources on Springer for R&D and on a pay-per-view basis

Ideal for: Organizations in need of site-wide access to the broadest range of content, managed from a single budget

Content: Content on Springer for R&D and
- CoD can supplement existing subscription or licensed as the sole model of access

Rights: No continuing access rights

Access: Access only during a pre-defined term. Terms and conditions apply

Terms and conditions apply

Springer Nature strives to serve the entire research community by offering flexible licensing and subscriptions options across all regions and markets. There may be instances where depending on the region and/or market, some restrictions might apply for some of the above mentioned product offerings. For more details, please contact your local representative.