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A series of live and recorded educational, online talks and interviews, designed for librarians. We aim to help librarians and informational professionals gain insight into emerging new information technologies and expert opinion from their peers and publishers on some of the most pressing and relevant issues faced by librarians today.

Webinars: often hosted in collaboration with organizational partners and the broader community, our expert led webinars are free to attend and include lively Q&As at the end of each session.

Podcasts: Explore our growing series of educational and conversational podcasts, including tutorials, interviews and discussions designed to give you insights on timely news, trends and developments in publishing and technology, as they happen.

Upcoming Webinars

Transparency in Nature Journals: What Librarians & Information Managers need to know

Alison Wright
Jill Adie

About the webinar

What makes a Nature journal, and what impact do these journals have on research and the research community? Find out how they are bringing different scientific communities together and drive positive change through groundbreaking research.

  • Guest speakers Alison Wright, Editorial Director at Nature Research, will explore what makes a Nature journal and how they are valued in the research community. 
  • Jill Adie, Senior Publishing Manager at Nature Research will shed light on the publishing strategy and how they drive new research forward. Including case studies, performance and feedback from authors, readers, customers.

This 1-hour webinar is intended to benefit librarians, editors, researchers, information managers across the university and corporate sectors, and the latter part of this webinar will include a lively Q&A.

Database Training Webinars

SpringerMaterials: How to find the information you need for your research

Dr. Michael Klinge

About the webinar

SpringerMaterials is the largest curated materials science database in the world, covering 290,000+ materials and 3,000+ physical and chemical properties in a single platform.

These sessions will be hosted by a member of our expert Product team - Dr. Michael Klinge, Director Product Management. He will cover:

  • What SpringerMaterials is and how it can support your research
  • How to find materials' properties data using SpringerMaterials
  • Practical examples

Springer Nature Experiments: How to find the protocols & methods you need

Robin Padilla, Ph.D.
Anja Riedel

About the webinar

Springer Nature Experiments helps users find and evaluate protocols and methods in the life sciences. It contains 75,000+ articles from SpringerProtocols, Nature Protocols and Nature Methods:

These sessions will be hosted by a member of our expert Product team - Robin Padilla, Ph.D or Anja Riedel. They will show you: 

  • What Springer Nature Experiments is and how it can help you
  • How to search and filter your keywords 
  • How to evaluate the content and access the information you need 
  • How to navigate across different protocols and method content 
  • How to use Antibody pages for your experiments

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Arming corporate librarians with tools, tactics and strategies

In this series curated specifically for corporate librarians in mind, our speakers discuss everything from Text Data Mining, end user empowerment, and working with decision makers in digital transformation. These podcasts aim to help you in developing tools, tactics and strategies in supporting your organization's innovations and goals. 

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