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By: Guest contributor, Wed May 25 2022

Author: Guest contributor

In Criminology and Criminal Justice, one of the key priorities of this collection is to address emerging areas of crime. This includes topics like far-right extremism, war, lockdown and the ongoing pandemic, human rights, technology and cybercrime and the resulting challenges facing the police. Cybercrime poses complex challenges which can only be resolved by bringing disparate areas of cutting-edge, social science research together. In Law beyond International Law European Law, International Comparative Law and Philosophy of Law are a major focus of the collection. This e-book collection, which was formed in 2017 to unite Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Socio-Legal Studies research, addresses key, global challenges.

It covers widespread issues like Intellectual Property, Law & Technology, the Rule of Law, White Collar Crime, Drugs and Human Trafficking. Policing is a strength area of the collection, covering important topics like Pandemic Police Power, Politics of Police Stops, Police Wellbeing, and Security of Policing and Minority Communities. Cybercrime is becoming increasingly prevalent.

The breadth of this collection is one of its key strengths, offering the largest reference works e.g. Commentary on the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to short Palgrave Pivots and Springer Briefs focussing on specific areas. Our authors range from the leaders of the academic/practitioner field to rising-star, early career researchers. The renowned T.M.C Asser Press brings strong titles in the field of Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law and Sports Law. Overall, this collection fosters interdisciplinary research from top scholars to examine cutting-edge, global topics of public interest in order to find big idea solutions.

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Notable Authors

  • David Weisburd, George Mason University, USA, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Aisha K. Gill CBE, University of Roehampton, UK
  • Mortimer Sellers, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, USA
  • Reto Hilty, MPI for Innovation and Competition, Munich, Germany

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Worldwide Authors

Worldwide authors


Author: Guest contributor

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