The importance of Library Advisory Boards & Summits to Springer Nature

By: Emily Esposito, Wed Jun 13 2018
Emily Esposito

Author: Emily Esposito

The Springer Library Advisory program has now been active for 14 years and has continued to grow after the merger of Springer Nature.

The direct feedback and information from customers during these meetings is extremely useful as we develop our strategies and products. These meetings provide senior management and customers the opportunity to interact in an open environment, getting to know each other and each other’s situations in a different way. 

The Advisory Board program has expanded to include regional Summits and road-shows affording Springer Nature the opportunity to speak with many more customers and address regional specialities. Feedback from these meetings is always shared within the company, specifically to the teams that can use it most, but also to our management so that they can align their thoughts with direct customer input. 

These meetings also help the community to gather a better understanding of why some decisions have been made or why new products have been created. It is always a pleasure to have open and honest discussions during these meetings. 

We look forward to many more meetings in the future as Springer Nature further connects with the library community.

Emily Esposito

Author: Emily Esposito

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