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How Springer Nature is opening up research

Facts & Figures

    • We are proud to publish the world's most comprehensive open access (OA) portfolio that accounts for 1 in 4 of OA articles published globally. 
    • We encourage preprint posting and self-archiving of author accepted manuscripts and have some of the most liberal policies of any publisher.
    • We enable sharing of subscription content, and were the first major publisher to provide shareable links to view-only versions of papers in subscription journals through our free content-sharing initiative, SharedIt.
    • We believe that data should be open, accessible and reusable and are committed to supporting researchers share their data. Our research data policies, products and services make data sharing faster, easier and more impactful.
    • We produce award-winning journalistic content that brings research to a broad audience. Through our local language editions of Scientific American we are able to reach a wide geographic readership.
    • We implement machine readable interfaces so that our references are available via reference lists and CrossRef, and broader open linked data are accessible via SciGraph.
    • We support the rapidly evolving research ecosystem by providing innovative access models for scientific content, such as through our current partnership with ResearchGate.

    How are we opening up research?

    InReview logo - OR © Springer Nature

    From Springer Nature and Research Square: opens up the submission, review and editorial process for authors and enables early sharing. 

    © Springer Nature

    Partnership with the open standard identifier, ORCiD, to ensure authors receive correct credit and recognition. Springer Nature were one of the two original founders, and have now rolled it our across all journals.

    protocol exchange © Springer Nature

    An Open Repository for the deposition and sharing of protocols for scientific research.

    Research Gate OR © Springer Nature

    Partnership with ResearchGate to enable seamless discovery and enhanced reading experience.

    © Springer Nature

    Springer Nature's free content sharing initiative that enables authors, subscribers, media partners to create shareable links to content. Over 7.6 million free links were created in 2019.

    protocol exchange © Springer Nature

    Helping researchers make their data easier to find, access, understand and cite. 

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    A faster path to an open future

    At Springer Nature we want to find the fastest and most effective route to immediate open access (OA) for all primary research.

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    Comments, views and connections from Springer Nature

    Did you know?

    APC waivers

    Springer Nature offers APC waivers to papers whose corresponding authors are based in countries classified by the World Bank as low-income economies. Corresponding authors based in countries with lower-middle-income economies and with a 2017 GDP of less than $200 billion are eligible for a 50% discount.

    Scholarly platforms

    We work with scholarly communications platforms such as ResearchGate to enable the sharing of articles on scholarly platforms in a way that protects the rights of authors and publishers.

    Protocols and methods

    We have dedicated, searchable products such as Springer Nature Experiments to help researchers share research protocols and methods and find the most relevant ones for their projects.


    Scientific Reports is one of the largest open access journals in the world


    Nature Communications is the most cited, highly selective journal


    BMC was the first open access journal publisher.

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