Author satisfaction survey

What our journal authors are saying about us – and what you can expect

89% of Springer Nature journal authors rated their overall experience with the publication process as excellent or good. Here – in more detail – is what they told us about the key factors.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all authors for trusting us with their honest feedback. This helps us in providing the best service possible for the author community. 

Here, you can read about our authors’ experience of publishing in one of our journals, see what we’re doing to improve author experience, and learn what to expect if you are yet to have published in one of our journals.


  • Over 41K authors from 176 countries,

    publishing in almost 2,200 journals 

Peer review

Our extensive reviewer network ensures the best reviews for our authors’ submissions, and that the work we publish stands up to the highest level of scrutiny. We continuously invest in innovations and improvements in peer review to bring the best process to all the research communities we serve. 

SurveyPercentage of authors who agreed or strongly agreed*

The editors managed the peer review process well


The number of peer review rounds was appropriate


The review reports were useful in improving my manuscript overall


What are we doing to improve?

Springer Nature Reviewer Finder

Our Reviewer Finder helps editors to find the best experts for your manuscript quickly. It helps minimize the time you have to wait for your review reports. The tool uses an algorithm that provides a list of potential reviewers for a manuscript by matching it with researchers who have previously published similar papers. 

“Indeed, your referees' comments taught me a lot. I am more skilful now after reading them and after having solved the problems they have put forward.”



We understand that transparent communication, fast communication channels and relevant information are important to you. Your feedback encourages us to continue looking for better solutions. 

Survey Percentage of authors who agreed or strongly agreed*

My inquiries were answered in a timely manner


There was sufficient communication about the status of my paper


The editorial advice and comments throughout the process helped to improve the paper


What are we doing to improve? 

Springer Nature In Review

We are opening up the “Black Box” of the editorial and review process with innovative platforms like In Review, developed in collaboration with Research Square. Articles on In Review get an “Editorial Timeline” that shows you where your article is in the review process (e.g., when the Editor invited reviewers; when their reports arrived, etc.) so you can keep up-to-date with your article’s progress.

“Excellent editorial support. Some of the best in the business from my experience.”


“Everything was fine. It was an excellent experience and very different from other journals in which I have published articles.”



SurveyPercentage of authors who rated the service as excellent or good*

Quality of copy editing


Process of proofing  


Presentation of the article online


What are we doing to improve? 

New automated conversion and document creation

We do our best to increase speed and efficiency and recently rolled out a new workflow for an automated metadata and content extraction from article manuscripts. It pre-fills data in the peer review system and ensures that our production teams have all files they need in a usable format.


e.Proofing offers our authors an easy way of making corrections to their article –  online. It speeds up the proofing process and minimizes correction-related errors.

“The process was fast and organized very well.”


“Exemplary journal management. Congratulations! I wish other journals could share your experience in facilitating the review and publication process.”


We are listening

As you can see, most of our authors confirm a positive publishing experience. We are very pleased about that, but critique and suggestions are at least as valuable for us! 

Would you like to learn more about our innovative services for authors?

* All areas we cover in the satisfaction survey are rated on a 5-point scale: poor (1), below average (2), average (3), good (4), excellent (5) or strongly disagree (1), disagree (2), neutral (3), agree (4), strongly agree (5). The survey was completed by 41,479 corresponding authors in 2018. 

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