How to share

There are a number of ways to share your research easily

Springer Nature’s mission is to advance discovery, and sharing research is key to this. We recognize the need for a simple way to share research whilst respecting usage rights. There are a number of ways to share your research easily.

Open access


Research which is published via open access can be shared immediately upon publication. Committed to open research, we offer researchers and their funders open access options in journals, books and sharing research data. The Creative Commons license the work is published under (usually CC BY, which simply requires attribution) will outline the terms.

Visit our open research pages to learn more.

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We were the first major publisher to introduce a solution to sharing subscription content in SharedIt. Authors and readers can share research using a SharedIt link. This has been designed to facilitate personal, non-commercial, online sharing of research articles on platforms such as ResearchGate or

SharedIt provides valuable information to librarians, our authors and the wider community about how research is being used, as  the online metrics associated with the version of record on the relevant Springer Nature publishing platform (, SpringerLink, will include this usage as well. With SharedIt, you can always be sure that the version you are sharing is up-to-date.

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Authors publishing via subscription models may also self-archive a copy of the accepted version of their manuscript (post-peer review, but prior to copy-editing and typesetting) in an institutional or subject repository, where it can be made openly accessible after an embargo period, in accordance with the relevant Springer Nature self-archiving policy (Nature, Springer, or Palgrave Macmillan).