Research data policies

Benefits of Research Data Support

Research Data Support is an optional Springer Nature service available to researchers who have datasets they want to make easier to cite, share and find. We provide a secure portal for data upload, and data and metadata are curated and improved by professional Research Data Editors. The publication of datasets is coordinated by our Research Data Editors in consultation with the researcher, and a DOI is provided to allow the dataset to be cited and shared.

What are the benefits?

Benefits to researchers

  • Enables compliance with funder and institutions’ data policies

  • Links data to their publications

  • Supports research progress and transparency

  • Saves time and effort needed to deposit and curate data

  • Enhances peer-reviewed publications

  • Promotes citation and reuse of their data

Benefits to research institutions and funders

  • Assurance of compliance with data policies

  • Consistent approaches to data sharing and linking to publications

  • Sustainable data curation and archiving

  • Appropriate editorial standards

Benefits to journals

  • Enables authors to easily comply with data policies, promoting transparency and reproducibility
  • Ensures data associated with articles are available and findable, increasing visibility of the journal’s content

Find out more about submitting to Research Data Support.

What happens to datasets submitted to Research Data Support?

Research Data Support makes research data easier to find and understand by editing and enhancing metadata about submitted data and files (such as titles, authors, keywords and descriptions). Professional Research Data Editors also carry out checks on file integrity, for the presence of potentially sensitive information, and for consistency with associated manuscripts where applicable. Publication of data will be coordinated with the publication of the authors’ associated Springer Nature articles, where applicable.  

The process of submission, the checks and improvements Research Data Editors make to data and the final outputs of the service can be seen in this infographic:

Research Data Support Process © Springer Nature