Research data policy

Data repository guidance

This resource is intended as a guide for those who are unsure where to deposit their data, and provides examples of repositories from a number of disciplines. This does not preclude the use of any data repository which does not appear in these pages. Please be aware that some repositories may charge for hosting data.

Data should be submitted to discipline-specific, community-recognised repositories where possible. In cases where a suitable discipline-specific resource does not exist, data may be submitted to a generalist data repository, including any generalist data repositories provided by universities, funders or institutions for their affiliated researchers.

Authors should consult individual journal guidance in case of more specific repository recommendations, as some Springer Nature journals maintain their own research data repositories. For more information browse our repositories FAQs.

Repository examples

Mandated data types

Biological sciences

Chemistry and chemical biology

Earth, environmental and space sciences

Health sciences

Materials science


Social science

Generalist repositories